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sleepingwithlospiercetheveils:  Check out my blog or just click for more Band shit c: I follow back!
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Josh Hutcherson: Birthday Project


So, guys, I don’t know if everybody here knows that I’m the owner of, but yeah, I am, and from now I’m already elaborating the birthday project for Josh (Josh’s birthday is just October 12th but I’m already doing it). I’ll be doing this big project with a proper domain that will be and I’ll be colecting:

  • Happy Birthday Fan Arts
  • Cute Messages
  • Pictures wishing Happy Birthday 
  • Videos
  • and more.

So, if you want to be part of this you just have to send one or more of those things I wrote above to this e-mail:

Follow us on twitter @HutchersonComBr and talk to me about it, or send asks here.

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just think about the mockingjay movie

there is not one happy moment in that book

maybe like when finnick and annie get married

but seriously

that movie is going to be miserable 

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zombieland, the jhutch version

No, Josh&#8230; You just made me love you even more.
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Journey 2 bloopers

Oh… <3

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